Royal Hideaway Playacar in Playa del Carmen

Royal Hideaway Pool

Arriving At Royal Hideaway Playacar

After landing in Cancun, slowly going through customs and making my way through the madness of locals offering rides to tourist, I found the blue sign that had my name on it – a relaxing ride to Royal Hideaway Playacar was ready to whisk me off to luxury awaiting me in Playa del Carmen.

I don’t know about you, but I like “nice.”

Matter of fact, I like “really nice.”

The finer things in life are my cup of tea.  I like “fancy” and love feeling like someone is trying to “spoil me silly.”

And obviously Royal Hideaway was out to exceed any preconceived definition I had of what “luxury” truly means.

First Impressions of Royal Hideaway

As you walk into the sophisticated lobby, class and elegance surrounds you.  Soothing music plays softly in the background and the faint floral scent enhances your comfort.

In the back of your mind, you wonder if you have died and gone to heaven.  It only took six minutes  before knowing I didn’t want the week at Royal Hideaway to end.

During check-in I found myself wondering if it was premature to already plan a permanent move to Playa del Carmen!

Royal Hideaway Playacar is beautiful.

Royal Hideaway Playacar

The Villas At Royal Hideaway

Royal Hideaway Playacar Villas

Do you see the desk and chair over in the bottom right?  That’s where my personal concierge sat.

Each room in the Royal Hideaway Villas receives their own concierge who handles all the details of their stay.  Everything from making sure your room is stocked with your favorite beverage, that you have ice when you want it and that your dinner reservations at one of the six on-site restaurants are scheduled.

The picture above was taken from one of the doors in my villa – yes, I literally had my own personal concierge right outside my door!  Before I even entered the room he asked if he could order me a drink – I told him I only drank water and he quickly had my cooler stocked with water.

Each day it was fully restocked at least twice.

Ummmm, can I get this kind of service at home?

Royal Hideaway Room View

The marble floor, the luxury linen, the tropical fragrance of the room, the turn down service, the mint chocolate on the pillow, the robe and slippers laid out for me each evening, the 24 hour room service, the walk in shower and spa tub… perfection!

Spending the full week in the room crossed my mind as soon as I opened the door to the villa, but I had not eaten all day, so it was time to go find some food.  Even though I could order room service 24/7, there was too much to explore and I wanted to see the beach!

Our beds are so comfy you won´t want to get up in the morning!

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Dining At Royal Hideaway in Playa del Carmen

Royal Hideaway Playacar is an all inclusive resort so I knew that I could get food when I wanted, but I wasn’t expecting the food to be quite so exquisite.

I often use the word “yummy” to describe my food.  “Yummy” does not do this food justice.

Delicious?  Flavorful? Excellent? Superb?

My first meal consisted of Fajitas.  I was in Mexico, so I thought Fajitas would be a good choice…

Dining at Royal Hideawy

At Royal Hideaway I discovered there was a whole new level to fresh food.  Their salsa, guacamole, guacamole sauce and chips made my tastebuds dance like Mexican jumping beans!

Throughout my stay, I ended up ordering the Fajitas at least 6 more times.  Don’t judge me – they were incredible!  And on the scale of healthy, I figured the peppers, onions, beef, fresh salsa and jalepeno were a good healthy choice.

Don’t judge…

Here’s the view from Spices during my first meal at Royal Hideaway.

Beach View Royal Hideaway

Royal Hideaway has six international themed restaurants on property.  The Asian restaurant gave me the absolute best Asian food I had ever experienced, the Italian restaurant made me say “Mama Mia” all night long, but my favorite meal was a special dining option that was included with the trip I had booked.

Since Royal Hideaway is an all-inclusive, there was food and beverage service by the pool, by the ocean, room service, restaurants, lounges and buffets that were first class in service, quality and taste.

…but I’m a simple guy.  Ice Cream by the pool and by the ocean at sunset made me realize what a blessed guy I am.

The Chef’s Table at Royal Hideaway

The Chef’s Table provided a six course meal that basically served delicious artwork throughout the night.  Before each course, the chef would come out and describe what he had created for us as the dishes were served.  The chef had hand picked wines for each specially designed course.

Fancy!!  Delicious!  Too pretty to eat!

My tastebuds danced and did their best to thank me for spoiling them.

I love magical moments and peak life experiences.  This meal was both.


A Walk On The Beach to Playa del Carmen

My first morning in Playa del Carmen I was on the beach at sunrise.

The blue of the ocean in Playa del Carmen is vibrant.  The crashing of the waves, hypnotizing.  The peace of mind, beautiful.  The joy, indescribable.

I walked for a mile or so to the pier where the water taxis take tourist to Cozumel, got up on the pier and then strolled down 5th Avenue to experience Mexico in all it’s glory.  It was early, but the street vendors were out preparing for their days work.

Every stereotype of Mexican street vendors I had seen on TV and in movies all of sudden became part of my reality.  Since I was out for my morning walk, all I had on me was my iPhone – no money, no cash, no credit card…..and no identification!

I spent the next five hours exploring Playa del Carmen….and what an incredible time!

Here are some pics of 5th Avenue (the shopping district) in Playa del Carmen


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Poolside & Beachside at Royal Hideaway Playacar

The beauty of the beach at Royal Hideaway definitely has the wow factor!  And so do the six pools at Royal Hideaway.  I must confess, I spent most of my time either on the beach or at the pool overlooking the ocean.  The beauty was too much to walk away from!

With poolside and beach attendants who bring food, drinks & towels along with poolside entertainment I could literally spend  spent all day there.

Though I didn’t do it, massages on the beach were available.

Without a doubt, my favorite time on the beach was right at sunset and into the early evening – there’s just something about the breeze blowing, the waves crashing and the coolness of the day joining forces to to cover you with complete relaxation.

Royal Hideaway Pool

A Full Day Excursion of Highs And Lows In Playa del Carmen

The high was climbing to the top of a Mayan Ruin.

The low was swimming in an underground cavern (Cenotes).

Both adventures were on my bucket list and getting to cross them off on the same day was emotionally overwhelming!

Other than the fact my legs could barely move the two days following climbing the Ek Balam Mayan Ruin, I could not imagine this excursion being better than it was.

Swimming and jumping into the underground lake was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

It felt surreal being in the cool water below ground and looking up at the ground above me.  It was beauty like I had never seen!

Jumping into the water – well that was just dang fun!  I did five different jumps… I had to do something thrilling because my belly was too big to take part in the repelling into the water or do the zip line.  …but I will be back once my weight is down and I can take part in the repelling.

…but no worries, because this day was perfect!

Here is a link to my Tripadvisor review of this excursion.

Ek Balam Cenote Royal Hideaway

Cenote near Royal Hideaway

View from the top of Ek Balam Mayan Ruin

If you’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen I’d highly suggest staying at Royal Hideaway Playacar. The service is top notch, the rooms at sheer luxury and the dining is a culinary delight.

Playa del Carmen On A Budget

Without a doubt, this trip was sheer luxury.  It was full of peak life experiences and magical moments.  From the time I spent in the spa being pampered to having the chef prepare food specifically for me, every aspect of this trip was first class and full of glitz and glamour.

I could not ask for anything to have been better.

…but I have a confession to make.  Because of the travel club I’m a part of, I paid 60% less than what I found that trip for when I researched the trip online from online booking engines and travel agencies.

That made me sleep in that super comfortable pillow top bed even better and made the mint chocolate on my pillow each night even sweeter.

Add Royal Hideaway Playacar to your bucket list!  If you have questions about excursions or need tips to make your trip even better, we can always chat!

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