Review: The Polite Pig At Disney Springs

The Polite Pig at Disney Springs

If you love good BBQ, you probably love sweet tea as well.  So I have to start this off by saying that The Polite Pig has incredible sweet tea!

Good sweet tea is a hard thing to come by at Disney World, so the fact The Polite Pig has incredible freshly brewed sweet tea is actually a big deal in my book.

But you’re reading this to find out about the food and if they have good BBQ, right?  So let’s talk about my first experience.  The Polite Pig just opened yesterday on April 10th and I had been seeing rave reviews, so I had to go in for a taste of my own.

First of all, good BBQ in Orlando is very hard to come by.  I grew up in Eastern, North Carolina on chopped vinegar based bar-b-que and then spent 26 years in Tennessee where smoked pulled BBQ is king.  Traveling the United States with my job, I made it a priority to find the best barbecue everywhere I visited.

I’m not that picky, I just like great tasting BBQ and I’ve not been able to find it around Orlando.  Okay, I am incredibly picky when it comes to barbecue!

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The Smell Of The Polite Pig

As I was walking through Disney Springs, I began to smell an incredible smokey piece of heaven.  It caught my attention and I immediately looked up and saw The Polite Pig sign in the distance.  The Polite Pig changed my dinner plans without even asking!

That savory smell was all it took!  The smell itself told me that this barbecue would be worth trying.  I became hopeful.  Maybe I had found a good barbecue joint close to my house.


Would it compare with McCall’s Bar-B-Que or Wilber’s Barbecue in North Carolina?  Or Martin’s BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN?  Jack’s Creek BBQ in West Tennessee? Or with the ever-so-famous Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que?

The smell said yes, and I was determined to find out!

Oh my word this place is yummy! Welcome to @disneysprings Polite Pig!

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My Menu Selection From The Polite Pig

From The Smoker

Pork Shoulder, Slaw, Texas Toast, Smoked Corn (with Lime Butter & Bread Crumbs).

Sweet Tea to drink (did I mention it was sweet tea perfection??)

Orange Blossom Honey Cake for dessert

As you can see from the picture, you get a great portion of pork, smoked corn and slaw.  I do wish they would have given more than half a slice of Texas Toast, but hey….they say I need to cut back on my bread intake anyway….

The pork shoulder was medium sliced and tender enough to tear apart with a fork.  Not only did it smell incredible, the taste was perfect!  The portion was adequate, but I could have gone back for another serving for sure.  But it was a good serving for sure.

Though the pork shoulder didn’t need any sauce and tasted amazing on its own, I still tried out all of the sauces available at The Polite Pig

The corn, with its fabulous smokey flavor mixed with the lime butter tasted fabulous!  I wasn’t sure what the breadcrumbs were until I looked it up on the menu, but all combined was delicious.

The slaw tasted different than what I was expecting, but I’ve come to understand that slaw is different at every single BBQ place.  You can substitute another slide for the slaw, but there is a hefty $3 charge for making the substitution.  The slaw was good, it just tasted different than expected.

The Orange Blossom Honey Cake tasted amazing!  It was probably the icing, with a true citrus flavor that impressed me.  It sealed the deal to make it an overall yummy experience at The Polite Pig.

The sweet tea….I believe I had four refills while I was there.  When you can get good sweet tea at Disney, you take advantage of it!

Here is a link to their full menu.


The Decor At The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig describes itself as “Modern Barbecue” and the decor fits that mold.  The theming within Disney Springs is strong, and they did an excellent job of turning this old “Farmers Market” into an impressive fast casual place, right down to pig hooves in the flooring.

You can see right into the kitchen and there are lots of high top and low tops available along with some counter tops.  There is also spacious seating around the bar.

In Disney Springs, you must take the time to go in the various restaurants and shop if theming impresses you.  The Polite Pig did well.

Overall, they did an impressive job of branding themselves.

That said, it seems like they are missing a great opportunity with the drink cups they use.  The cups are generic Coca-Cola cups.  It seems like branded cups would help with brand awareness as guests leave and carry around cups throughout Disney Springs that other guests would see.

Then again, that smell of smokey heaven will hypnotize any lover of barbecue right into the doors of The Polite Pig.

Review Of The Polite Pig

The food was excellent, the service was splendid, they accepted my Disney Annual Pass and gave me a discount…. but I’m going to have to go back again just to see if I got lucky on my first visit.

I’m hopeful…. I believe I’ve finally found good BBQ in Florida!


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