Happily Ever After Playlist

Disney's Happily Ever After Playlist

There are a few aspects to Disney’s Happily Ever After that will stick out to you when you watch the Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular: The music, the fireworks and the projection show.  Your senses will almost be on complete overload as you are mesmerized by all happening all around you!  And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want your own Happily Ever After Playlist!

As soon as I got home from watching the debut of Happily Ever After, I watched it again because I wanted to write down all of the music and create a music playlist from Happily Ever After.  Although I was able to write out all of the songs with lyrics in them, I may have missed some transition songs that were solely instrumental (and very short).

If you’ve not watched Happily Ever After from the Magic Kingdom, here is a full video for you.

Full Video Of Disney’s Happily Ever After

*Video is from Disney Parks Blog

Happily Ever After Playlist

“Happily Ever After” ~ Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer
“Down in New Orleans” ~ The Princess and the Frog
“When you Wish Upon a Star” ~ Pinocchio
“Part of Your World” ~ The Little Mermaid
“When you Wish Upon a Star” ~ Pinocchio
“Out There” ~ The Hunchback of Notre Dame
“Touch the Sky” ~ Brave
“How Far I’ll Go” ~ Moana
“Friend Like Me” ~ Aladdin
“Trashin’ The Camp” ~ Tarzan
“Hakuna Matata” ~ The Lion King
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” ~ Toy Story
“The Bare Necessities” ~ The Jungle Book
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” ~ Toy Story
“The Bare Necessities” ~ The Jungle Book
“That’s What Friends are For” ~ The Jungle Book
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” ~Toy Story
“Love is an Open Door” ~ Frozen
“Can you Feel the Love Tonight” ~ The Lion King
“You’ll Be in My Heart” ~ Tarzan
“I See the Light” ~ Tangled
“He’s a Pirate” ~ Pirates of the Caribbean
“Go the Distance” ~ Hercules
“Happily Ever After” ~ Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer
“You Can Fly” ~ Peter Pan
“Happily Ever After” ~ Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer

Pics From Happily Ever After

I don’t know that I have adequate words to express the awesomeness of Happily Ever After!

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Who’s excited for the first show of Happily Ever After?? This guy!!

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The Grand Finale of Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Fireworks Viewing Tips

  1. Because of the amazing projection show details, watch this show in front of the castle.
  2. For the best experience, view it between Casey’s Corner and the Walt Disney statue.  You don’t want to be too close to the castle because of the expansive nature of the the fireworks in the back of the castle.
  3. Be prepared to stand up.  There’s a crowd all around!
  4. Be present in the moment and enjoy the show.  Unless you have great equipment or are a professional, most pictures and videos are not going to turn out well.  Allow yourself to enjoy the show!
  5. I suggest arriving at least an hour before the show.  Grab some popcorn, rest your feet and enjoy the scenery!
  6. There is a “Happily Ever After Dessert Party” that offers seating.  However, in my opinion, it’s a bit far back for ideal viewing and a bit off to the side.  But I watched Wishes from here and it did create a magical moment for sure!

I hope you will enjoy the songs from Happily Ever After as much as I have!  This Happily Ever After Playlist is full of great and inspiring music for sure.

My favorite inspirational moment in the show is from Hercules – “Go The Distance.” But I love the rendition of “Love Is An Open Door.” And “The Bare Necessities” always makes me smile! However, “Touch The Sky” from Brave gets me pumped up and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana even more so!  So many great songs in Happily Ever After!!

See! That’s why I had to have a Happily Ever After Playlist!  There are so many powerful songs and moments in the show!

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