Fly Into Disney’s “Avatar Land”

Disney's Avatar - World of Pandora

Disney’s World Of Avatar

Pandora, Disney’s Avatar Land, or “World of Avatar” has finally arrived!

And let me just tell you this, the new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is absolutely beautiful!  You truly feel like you have escaped to another world and it’s a world you love and feel a connection with.

Seriously, when my preview was over, I did not want to leave.

As soon as you cross the bridge and enter Pandora, you notice the lush landscaping with plants that look different, yet somewhat familiar.  In every direction, you’ll see that Disney’s World of Avatar is something different than you’ve ever experienced before.

Personally, and in my opinion, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the best themed park when it comes to a massive amount of detail and the Disney Imagineers seriously stepped up their game with this new land, Disney’s Avatar!

At this time, there are two main ride attractions in Pandora, a fast casual styled restaurant and a drink stand.  It’s Disney, so you know there is a gift store too.  It’s void of the typical Disney themed merchandise.  All of it is special merchandise specific to Disney’s Avatar.

There are, however, some things you need to know before entering Disney’s Avatar.

5 Things You Need To Know About Pandora

 1) Avatar Flight Of Passage –  Most will say this is the “main attraction” of Avatar Land Rides, and as far as rides go, they are right.

This ride takes you on a 3D journey on the back of a mountain banshee.  You’ll fly through mountains, through forests, over the sea, down steep slopes.Disney definitely stepped up their game with this ride.

Without a doubt, it’s going to be a hit. Even though there are several theater pods, and the capacity is said to serve up to 1,900 an hour, this was not my experience.  My visit was a special preview with a very specific return time for my FastPass.  That said, I waited over 50 minutes for the ride.  Hopefully, Disney used the special previews to work out the kinks as far as wait times go.

Without a doubt, it’s a ride NOT to miss, so it’s going to be interesting to see how Disney handles the capacity issues that surfaced during the limited attendance previews.

Tip:  Get a FastPass for this as soon as possible!  Disney’s Avatar Land is going to be huge throughout the summer of 2017, especially this ride. However, with a FastPass, you’ll miss out on an amazing line queue that’s amazingly detailed.

The FastPass queue is nothing special, but the standby line needs to be experienced!

Spoiler Alert:  This video shares the full video of Avatar Flight Of Passage.  The ride itself is in 3D!

Flight Of Passage Size Restrictions

2) There Are Size Restrictions – I’ll start by saying this, I was not able to ride on Avatar Flight Of Passage after waiting 50 minutes.  And to be honest with you, I was totally shocked by this.  I can ride every ride at Disney World except for this ride, so the fact I wasn’t able to ride came as a complete shock to me.I am a big guy, but I can ride everything at Disney.  Well, until this.

I’m not an entitled brat and can’t blame this on Disney….it’s me, not them.

After mentioning this on a Disney Facebook Group, I began to hear more and more stories of people not being able to ride.  Size, dimensions, reasons… they all seemed to vary, so it’s been difficult to get a good grasp on specific size restrictions.

For me, it was the size of my belly.  For others, it’s been the muscles in their legs, their long legs, or even their height. Women have stated their chest size and backside were the reason they didn’t fit into Flight of Passage.

I’ve not read that Disney is doing anything to address the high percentage of people not able to ride, but I do trust that this is being addressed and Disney will make some changes to the Flight of Passage ride system and restraints.  I love Animal Kingdom and have been so excited about Disney’s World of Avatar, so not being able to ride this was a serious bummer.  Especially after I’ve heard hundreds of people say it is now the best ride in Disney World.

Also, people in wheelchairs have to get out of their chairs in order to ride.


Dining Options In Pandora

3) Satu’li Canteen Is Delicious! – Just as I believe that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the best themed park in Disney World, I also believe they have one of the best selections of food too (it’s tough to beat Epcot for food!).
Satu’li Canteen has amazing food, and just like the rest of Pandora, it’s familiar, but different.  A bit exotic and totally yummy!

This quick service dining option is a fast casual experience set in a beautiful environment.  You can see the wood grill and smell the yummy goodness just waiting for you!  You can build your own bowl with a variety of proteins and carbs.

I ordered a wood grilled chicken bowl, served with mixed veggies and brown rice.  It was so good!

The hamburger pods will be loved by kids (and adults alike!).

This is the first restaurant at Disney to allow mobile ordering, so if you don’t like waiting in lines, just place your order on the app and check-in once you arrived.  This technology is very welcomed!

Here is a link to the full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at Satu’li Canteen.

We are ready to get back to Pandora and eat more yummy snacks! 😋 Who’s going opening weekend?! #ohyeahdisney #visitpandora

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4) Pongu Lumbia – Just across from Satu’li Canteen is a drink stand called Pongu Pongu.  Though I didn’t try any of the vibrant colored drinks, they do have a special snack item that I know will be loved by many. It’s absolutely incredible!

t’s a spring roll filled with pineapple cream cheese called Pongu Lumpia. Let’s just say this, I’ll be back for this even if I can’t ride Avatar’s Flight of Passage because of eating this kind of deliciousness!

World Of Avatar At Night

5) Come Back To Pandora At Night – The beauty of Pandora during the day is astounding, if you’re into that kind of experience.  But at night, it’s an entirely different experience and you will absolutely LOVE what you see!

You get a glimpse of the way the plants illuminate on the boat ride, Na’vi River, but there’s a whole world of lighting effects and experiences that will keep you mesmerized at night.  The sights, the sounds, the feel of it all – you have to experience Disney’s Avatar at night!

Na’vi River Ride In Pandora

The Na’vi River Ride has received mixed reviews.  Some say it’s boring, some say it’s nothing special.  But for me, I think it’s a wonderful experience!  It’s not the same style of ride that is in the Mexican Pavilion, It’s A Small World or even Pirates of the Caribbean. Like the rest of Pandora, you truly feel like you’re in another world.

The Na’vi River takes you through Pandora, and as I’ve said before, it’s absolutely beautiful in Pandora!  The plants, the living creatures, the sounds, the “nature” – they all whisk you away into another world.

From a technology standpoint, it’s fascinating to see what was created specifically for this ride.  For me, there’s a deep appreciation for the visual arts, mechanical arts and technology arts that make this ride possible!

It’s definitely a slow ride with not drops or thrill aspect to it, but I was so mesmerized by the beauty I rode it twice!

The details in the line queue were rather special too.  I’m telling you, everywhere you look in Pandora, you’re blown away by the attention to details.

Disney’s Avatar – You’ll Love It!

Without a doubt, I believe Disney World guest are going to love Pandora!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the movie or not – for me, I don’t even remember details about the movie. However, this new land at Animal Kingdom stands on it’s own.  If anything, it’s going to make you want to see what the movie is all about!

PS – the official Pandora Disney World Opening Date is May 27, 2017.  Disney’s Avatar is a must see!




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