Disney Springs Restaurants: Planet Hollywood Review

Disney Springs Restaurants Planet Hollywood Review

When it comes to Disney Springs Restaurants you have no shortage of options.  Matter of fact, there are no shortage of exceptional dining options at Disney Springs.  Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs recently re-opened and so far I’ve been there twice.

If you expect the same old Planet Hollywood as before, you will not find it.  Instead you’ll find a better menu, better atmosphere and much better food presentation.

This Disney Springs restaurant certainly provides you with a unique Disney dining experience!

Planet Hollywood Observatory Review



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First Impressions:

The outside of Planet Hollywood Observatory is beautiful and is a great improvement from the previous design. The updated look is modern and makes you want to see what’s inside.  When you see it, you know something spectacular is waiting for you on the inside!

Cheerfully greeted outside, a hostesses asked if we were visiting for the first time and for the number in our party.  Like a secret service agent, she spoke to someone on the other end of her wireless microphone and ushered us to the bottom of the magnificent staircase inside.

Walking in you immediately notice an impressive entryway and and oversized stairway.  The feel is definitely Hollywood, complete with a photographer and Planet Hollywood Observatory branded backdrop waiting for you to pose for a quick picture.

Another hostess greeted at the entryway and pointed us to another hostess stand at the top of the stairs.

From the hostess stand we were promptly seated with a perfect view of the massive projection “screen” where music videos played played at a level that said “party” yet still allowed for conversation.  The vibe was upbeat, fun and energetic.  The first impressions of Planet Hollywood Observatory was definitely good!

Service at the Observatory


My first visit was just days after its opening day, so there was an overabundance of hostesses, servers and management present. The service was excellent!  Our server was helpful, friendly, knowledgable of the menu and he kept my glass of water full at all times.

The second visit (my pre-birthday birthday dinner) was during a peak dinner time and we had to wait for 90 minutes to be seated.   We should have gotten reservations, but were unsure of the time we would get to Disney Springs.  Luckily, it’s easy to kill 90 minutes with all of the Disney Spring shops close by!

We were seated outside with the most amazing view of Disney Springs! Both the balloon from Characters Of Flight and the volcano eruption from Rainforest Cafe were in clear sight.  Live music was playing in Stargazers Lounge below us with a live feed on a monitor close to our table.  To say the least, it was worth the wait.

….oddly enough, there were only about 4 other tables being used on the massive patio, so the 90 minute wait seemed a bit confusing.  Being understaffed was assumed.

Our service this night was even better than before!

Planet Hollywood Observatory Menu

The Food:

Oh my goodness!! The food is outstanding!

A month before the first visit I knew exactly what I was going to get: I ordered the Guy Fieri burger with mac and cheese, onion straws, bacon…..I’m not sure Planet Hollywood had anything left in the kitchen to add to this burger.  It was HUGE!

Let’s just say this…

The taste did not disappoint!

In addition to their impressive burger selection, Planet Hollywood Observatory has also promoted their new line of “Big Dipper Milkshakes” like no other, so of course I had to try one of those too.

“Chocolate Comet” is what they call this beauty!  It’s a magical creation of a chocolate milkshake topped with a brownie in a glass covered with a mixture of chocolate candies.  It was chocolate heaven!


Planet Hollywood Food, The Sequel

A few days later I returned for a second visit (for my birthday).

I ordered the Nachos from the appetizer menu and let’s just say this,  I’ve never had nachos that good before! I’ll warn you though, go ahead and request lots of extra napkins when you order them because they are super messy!  Messy and delicious!

Even though the Nachos were an appetizer, I could not eat them all – they were huge!  For this particular menu item, I was impressed by the value.

My friends ordered me a special birthday dessert too, the Strawberry Big Bang.  It’s a strawberry milkshake topped with a piece of (birthday) cake, a sucker, all in a candy covered glass filled with complete strawberry delight!

Now that I have had two of the three milkshakes, I have to go back to try the Cosmic Cotton Candy too.

To say the least, Planet Hollywood Observatory passed the taste test with flying colors!

Food Presentation At Planet Hollywood

The Presentation:

Planet Hollywood Observatory definitely climbed a few notches with their food presentation compared to the old Planet Hollywood.  When I noticed food being delivered to tables around me, I kept gawking at the trays as they passed by.  Everything is presented impressively.

You will find both the ribs and the World Famous Chicken Crunch presented and delivered in such a fun and unique style.  The appetizer combo has its own ferris wheel!

Disney World and Disney Springs standards are definitely met when it comes to presentation!  Just in case you’re looking for something extra special and different, the picnic table the ribs come on will certainly impress!

The Details:

Hours Of Operation
Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 12:00AM
Friday and Saturday  11:00AM – 1:00AM

Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 1:00AM
Friday and Saturday  11:00AM – 2:00AM

Reservations For Planet Hollywood Observatory


Online Reservations direct

Online Reservations via Disney Dining


1506 E. Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL 32836 (Disney Springs)


You can park for free at Disney Springs. The Orange Parking Lot is closest. but be sure to park on the far right (facing Disney Springs).  For the Lime Parking Lot, you should park to the far left (facing Disney Springs).

Disney Dining Plans (current at the time of this post)

Some Disney Dining Plans are accepted.

Disney Annual Passes are NOT accepted.

Tables In Wonderland is NOT accepted.


Disney World has this listed as “$$  $15-$34.99” …but I would say a bit higher.

Full menu displays pricing.


Final Thoughts On Planet Hollywood

My experiences for both visits were simply incredible.  However, I must confess that I was a bit disappointed in one aspect of the new “observatory.”  Concept art showed a completely different look and a true observatory feel.  Sadly, the inside of the observatory missed the mark compared to the concept art.

While the gigantic video display is impressive, the original concept art looked so much more amazing and on scale with other Disney Springs restaurants.  It looked like a true observatory with stars and special lighting.  However, I have faith that Planet Hollywood is still working on this.

And not to be negative or petty, as you walk up the entryway stairs, there is a Superman costume that seriously looks SOOOOO weak and wimpy! This is your first glimpse into what Planet Hollywood is all about, yet you see a very unimpressive display.

The display feels cheaply thrown together by an assistant manager instead of a headline piece proudly representing the chance at a good first impression..

Put some muscles on that Superman!  This is Planet Hollywood Observatory, not some cheap wax museum.

Planet Hollywood Observatory is fun, energetic, has impressive service and the food is completely yummy!  When it comes to Disney Springs restaurants, this is a blockbuster hit!

Disney Springs Restaurants Planet Hollywood Review

Photo Cred:  Planet Hollywood Observatory website


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