For the one looking for great Disney experiences, complete magic, laughs, Joy and a heavy dose of Mickey.   For the thrill seeker, lover of fine dining and the ones who seek luxury.

You’ll find a pixie dust collision of both here.

If something special at Walt Disney World is what you’re looking for, we can be friends. 🙂

Hello.  My name is Bonnie Cribbs and my friends consider me to be a bit Disney Obsessed.

It all started at four years old when my parents brought our family to Disney World for the very first time, only a few months after The Magic Kingdom had opened.

One of my earliest memories is riding Dumbo and wearing a Donald Duck hat that quacked. (My siblings tell me it was a long annoying ride home!)  I remember seeing Minnie before this picture was taken of me and my mom (yet have no clue who the blonde kid is who photo bombed our picture).

My parents created a magical memory that has truly impacted my life – and this Disney blog is here to help you create memories for you and your family that will last a lifetime.

To me, life is about peak life experiences and exploring the world around us.  So join me as we explore all things Disney World!

I share tips on how to do Disney right!  You’ll find information on how to create those special moments that will help you discover the awe and magic of Disney as seen through the eyes of a child.

And because I love to travel all over the world, you’ll even find some stories mixed in from time to time about my non Disney Travel too (I have to share them somewhere, right?)

I currently live in Celebration, Florida which literally connects to the Walt Disney World property.  Please don’t ask me how often I visit Disney – the answer is rather embarrassing!